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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Writing Update: 06/23/13

Ryann's Brother. As you know, that's the title of the current novel I'm writing. Well, I hit a major milestone this week - I got past the halfway mark in the manuscript. It's all downhill now. And I say 'downhill,' but that's just an expression. There's still a lot of the book to write, but I feel like I'm really a part of the journey. My goal is to finish the manuscript by about the middle of July. Gulp, that's only another three weeks!

For a change, I thought I'd give you all a small sneak preview from the raw manuscript today. Enjoy and see you all next week.

...As Ryann entered the city proper, the sounds and smells hit her with a force so strong she nearly retched. She put a hand to her mouth and swallowed. It had been a long time since she had wandered the city. Where was she headed? She wasn’t sure. Perhaps the market would be a good place to start.
She headed south and kept to the sides of the crowded streets as she walked. People stared at her. She knew she looked odd. A young girl wearing a sword with confidence was not something you saw in the city. Of course there were many people that carried swords, but most of those were merchants looking to protect their business. Ryann noticed a few people staring at her considering their chances of disarming her. She tried to glare at them as best she could and continued on her way. As the sun finally reached its high point, Ryann reached the market square. It was half-empty. Business for the day was almost done.
“A pie please,” Ryann said to an old man, reaching into her purse and pulling out a copper coin. The old man eyed her suspiciously but handed over a warm pie. Ryann accepted it gladly and let the old man take her coin. She bit into the pie, memories of her childhood flooding her senses. It wasn’t the best pie she had tasted but it was the first pie from the market for several months.
“You need something else, miss?” the old man asked.
Ryann caught herself daydreaming. She looked up at the old man. “What?”
“You in need of something else?”
“No thanks,” Ryann said, smiling. She turned to walk away but a thought suddenly crossed her mind. “Did you know my mother, Glenys Rees?”
The old man shook his head. “Never heard of her.”
“She used to work on a farm and she came to the market lots of times.”
The old man shook his head again. “Nope. Don’t know that name. Mind you, never was much point in names. What did she look like?”
“About my height with long black hair,” Ryann replied. “And freckles. She had a face full of freckles.”
The old man shook his head again. “Maybe try old Gareth.” He pointed off behind Ryann’s back. “He’s knows most folks here.”
Ryann put the last piece of the pie into her mouth and licked her fingers. She pulled out another copper coin and handed it to the man. “Thanks. I’ll have another pie for my journey.”
The old man reached out a hand and closed his fingers around Ryann’s hand. “You keep that copper, miss. You might be needing it later.” He picked up a pie with his other hand and offered it to Ryann. “And just you take good care of yourself. Some folks would wish you harm in these parts.” He gestured toward Ryann’s sword. “I hope you know how to use that.”
Ryann slipped the coin back into her purse and took the second pie. “I do, old man.” She smiled. “Old Gareth. Thank you. I will ask him about my mother.” Slipping the pie into her pack, Ryann half-turned. “And thanks for the extra pie. May your gods go with you.”...

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