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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Colors Of Sir Dan - A Poem

Time for a change! Here's a little poem I knocked out... Enjoy!

The Colors Of Sir Dan
By: Paul Dorset

Sir Dan was a bitter young fellow,
Who, when he got angry, would bellow.
But instead of a fight, he’d turn and take flight.
Sir Dan, as a color, is yellow.

Sir Dan was so sotted in drink,
He dressed without stopping to think.
His shirts were all floral, his trousers pastoral.
Sir Dan, as a color, is pink.

Sir Dan preferred cocaine to crack,
His drug habits were easy to track.
All day ’twas the rumor, he’d be in dark humor.
Sir Dan, as a color, is black.

Sir Dan was a mess, that was true,
But he pondered about all he knew.
For all that he guessed, he got stressed and depressed.
Sir Dan, as a color, is blue.

Sir Dan was a loser, all told,
But his spirits, if nothing, were bold.
When not in the bars, he dreamed of the stars.
Sir Dan, as a color, is gold

’Twas a mystery how Dan was made knight,
Living a life that was wrong, and not right.
But brighter or duller, his life was all color.
Sir Dan, as a color, is white.

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