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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Writing Update: 08/04/13

It's been a good week! Most of the week was taken up with reading my complete Xannu series, in preparation to start writing again last Friday. In truth, I didn't manage to complete the whole three books within the time I had allotted myself, I had to skip through a few parts. But it was enough to get me back into the world of The Southern Lands and all its characters. For a certainty, I'm going to miss them all once this final novel is written.

And so, here we are. Xannu - The Mayhem is finally getting written. Little did I know when I started this journey, back in 2001, how it was going to end. I had an idea, a story of fantasy and monsters, religion and battles, but that was about all. I sketched out a rough outline, and I sat down to write the first book (Xannu - The Prophecy). It was completed in three months, and then it took almost a further two years to get it published. Book two (Xannu - The Healing), of what was originally a five book series, took eighteen months to write, and was published in 2005. The writing dried up a little after that, due to a number of reasons, and it wasn't until 2011 that I picked up book three (Xannu - The Portal) and committed it to paper. And that brings us to 2013. A lot has happened to my writing journey along the way. To date I have eleven books published, and this book will eventually become my fifteenth, in December of this year. Wow! I can't imagine fifteen books, but it's true.

In all honesty, I'm sad to be writing this book. It's the end of my first series, and it's led me on a journey of self-discovery in my writing career. Writing Xannu has taught me more than I ever imagined as an author, but it has also given me so much pleasure. It's bitter-sweet. Xannu - The Mayhem was originally planned as book four in  a five book series, but I have reworked the plot to bring the series to an end in this book. I haven't cut things out, I've just realized the story is ready to be concluded.

And so, here we are. I'm 17,500 words into the final 125,000, and for the next ten weeks, I will be striving to move it along to a climactic conclusion. I hope you stay with me for the journey and enjoy it as much as I have.

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