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Monday, August 26, 2013

You Don't Have To Own A Kindle To Read Ebooks

Ebooks have been around for several years now. And so have Kindles. But, one of the things I hear time and time again when I tell people all my books are available as ebooks, is that they don't have a kindle.

People, I'll tell you right here and now: YOU DON'T NEED A KINDLE TO READ AN EBOOK!!

Ebooks can be read on the following devices for FREE:

1/ Smartphones (includes Android and iPhones)
2/ Tablets (including iPads)
3/ Laptops
4/ PCs (both PCs and Macs)

And when I say for FREE, I mean by that the app to read the ebooks is free. The price of actual ebooks may vary.

If you have never tried reading a book on one of these devices, you should give it a go. Download your favorite ebook reader (mine is the kindle app by Amazon), and then get an ebook. It's really simple. I own hundreds of kindle books, and I can fit my entire library on my smartphone. Try doing that with regular books.

Anyway, enough said. If you're looking to try it out, head over HERE for your free kindle app, and then HERE for your free ebook to read (and, yes, of course it's one of my books!).

Have a wonderful day!

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