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Monday, September 16, 2013

Special Offer: NotDone Reduced To $0.99

It's not long now until my latest book gets published (ONE week!!). UnDone is book two in a four book series, that is set in a dystopian world.

In preparation for the release of UnDone, you can now purchase the first book in the series, NotDone, from all the usual places at the special price of $0.99. Go out and download it while this special offer lasts.

Title:             NotDone
Genre:           Dystopian Fiction
Price:            $2.99  $0.99
Launch:         June 2013

…Please Help Us
….Everything is NotDone. 

In a desolate country ravaged by years of war, the dwindling inhabitants of Ameiza live in a segregated society where fertility has its special privileges. But for the lesser citizens of Talbot City, draconian rule means persecution or even death. Can five subjugated workers break free from the autocracy and fashion a better existence? Or will the politics of families from ages past stand in the way of unity and freedom?

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