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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Upcoming Indie Author Interview Catch-Up Week

I have been so inundated with Indie Author interview requests (and I love doing these) that I have decided to dedicate yet another complete week to them. Yes - a whole week! It also gives me a chance to catch up a little. My backlog of requests at only one post a week would have taken me several months! So, starting Monday September 9th and running through to Sunday September 15th, my blog will be chock-full of the lovely things! (Don't you just love that word chock-full?)

The bad news is that this will be my last catch-up week. I will be completing my author interview series at the end of September, after the 100th interview. I may consider re-starting the series in 2014. I love supporting fellow Indie Authors.

Have a great week.

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