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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eighteen Years In The USA

Eighteen years ago today (1995), I moved to the USA to work. At the time I was moving to Tampa, FL, to start a job as a programmer. The process of getting my visa and actually moving took several months, and by the time I arrived in sunny Florida, the job had vaporized. Not to worry, the company found me another. This time in sunny Alabama. And so began my daily life in America.

It's now 2013, and I own a house in Washington state. I have been divorced and remarried, and even had one of my children born an American citizen. I have worked in Central and South America, and in many US States. Life has certainly been an adventure.

Will I ever move back to my home country (England)? I have no intention. Does this mean the USA is better than England? It's just different. And different is a wonderful thing. America has been good to me, and I have enjoyed living here.

Today is also the birthday of my eldest son. He still lives in England, in London. And as I celebrate my American birthday, I wish him a wonderful English one too.

"This world is not my home. I'm just passing through." - Larry Norman

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