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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Writing Update: 10/13/2013

Phew! A week or so off from writing as a reward...

What? Well of course, that's not strictly true. It never is. There's always something going on in the Paul Dorset household.

You'd like a brief rundown from last Sunday to yesterday? Sure. Here goes...

Sunday 6th: Wrote Chapter 39 of Xannu - The Mayhem

Monday 7th: Wrote Chapter 40 of Xannu - The Mayhem

Tuesday 8th: Wrote all the accompanying scriptures for Xannu - The Mayhem. Book officially manuscript complete, and put away to rest. Wrote blog post for Thursday 10/10

Wednesday 9th: Wrote three blog posts for upcoming weeks. Wrote several documents, etc. for my Online Press Kit (click link) and uploaded everything to my website. Also received my proof paperback copy of Ryann's Brother (launching October 22nd)

Thursday 10th: Started preparation for my upcoming novel, Ryann's Bane, creating major plot points. Started preparation for my upcoming ebook, Interviews With 100 Indie Authors, transferring blog posts to Scrivener.

Friday 11th: Continued transferring blog interviews to Scrivener for Interviews With 100 Indie Authors. Created more plot points for Ryann's Bane. Emailed 100 Indie Authors with news they're going to be featured in my ebook, and requested more information. Wrote THIS blog post.

Saturday 12th: Continued transferring blog interviews to Scrivener for Interviews With 100 Indie Authors. Created more plot points for Ryann's Bane. Wrote another blog post. Wrote Q&A with Paul Dorset piece to send to a publication and also to publish to my Press Kit.

There we go! I think it's easier when I'm just writing a book. Oh, and I didn't even mention the Twitter and Facebook posts, or the email replies, or the...

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