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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Interviews With 100 Indie Authors - Coming Soon!

Much of the past month has been spent turning a hundred blog posts into a book! It's been long, hard, and exhausting work. The good news is I'm now almost done. All I have left to do is add author photos and send off the finished interviews to the actual authors for their final proof.

Writing any book is a lot of work. Foolishly, I thought this effort would be fairly straightforward. I started by emailing the 100 authors and asking them for updates. That was my first mistake! Actually, it wasn't a mistake; I just didn't anticipate such a large set of feedback. In all, over 50% of the authors sent me new and updated material. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback I received. And so, the hard work of updating 100 interviews began. I had to copy them individually into Scrivener and then format them appropriately. The whole process has taken A LOT OF HOURS. Anyway, I digress slightly. I was going to promote the book a little!

Interviews With 100 Indie Authors covers authors from many countries and different walks of life. Some are full-time authors, while others are still working on their first book. Some have had good experiences, while others have struggled. All in all, the book is a cornucopia of advice, knowledge and experiences from modern-day authors. The book runs to nearly 150,000 words, more than enough to keep you reading for a while. There's honestly something for everybody to be found inside.

So, when's it being released? Everything is set for mid-January 2014. There'll be more detail nearer the date. In the meantime, hunt through my blog and read a few of the interviews. I'm sure you'll find them fascinating reading.

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