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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stephen King

Today I am pleased to publish my 17th guest blog post. You, too, can have a post published on my blog. Just read the guidelines HERE. In the meantime, enjoy...

Stephen King
By: Leslie Hodge

Yep! That’s my title, I need not say more! Stephen King is my inspiration.

I must say I love the way he spins a tale, even when it’s simply horrid and gruesome. One of the first books I read from Stephen King was "The Talisman". He co-wrote with Peter Straub. I couldn’t put it down! I hung on to every word every character and every interaction. I couldn’t wait to flip to the next page, then the next.

From then on, I must admit the only thing that can hold my interest is Stephen King, sometimes (Dean Kootnz) and cook books. (I know odd combination).

Like, how in his early years he was charged with perjury (God bless), even if that's true or not...

He goes deep into the human condition and weaves stories so intriguing that I don’t care how gruesome things become. I just can’t wait for the outcome.
Movies like Misery, Dolores Claybourne, The Mist - I can watch them over and over. To me Stephen King is a legend. Movie producers keep bringing back "Carrie" but no one can touch the original with Sissy Spacek.

God bless Stephen King, he gets into our brain, like he did with Needful Things and Pet Cemetery.

Tommyknockers is next on my list.

I can't imagine not having a talent like Stephen. He scoops you up to a fantasy or a total nightmare nail-biter! I'm there inside that page! He is the only author where I find myself thinking, wondering about of what might be coming next while I'm at work.
Can’t wait to get home, pour a glass of wine and read!!

He has gotten into my imagination and allows the dark shadows to come out and play. I read somewhere a while ago he says a dark shadow stands around and makes him write... hmmmm I don't know if it’s true or not, but I'm glad...I'm the lucky recipient of such master pieces.

I enjoy a storyteller and as far as I'm concerned Stephen King takes the cake. (Yeah, cookbook tie-in!)

Not that I'm trying to be like this amazing author, producer, musician.

I watched, Shawshank Redemption, Stand by Me, and the Green Mile over and over. I was, and am hooked. Over 50-some books! This man is a writing machine! How does he do it?

When I found out I could write about writing or a writer, I knew instantly who I would write about! Stephen King!
I Googled him, and started reading up everything about him.
I love his stories they pull me in and with one quick blow, my heart pounds my eyes scan the words. I stay up hours and hours longer then I should.
The paperback (or hard cover) sits resting on my knees as I prop myself up with comfy pillows. I remember reading "The Stand” - every character "OMG!" he explains in such depth how they feel with every interaction. Describing events or interactions is not one of his short comings.

My mission is to read every book he ever wrote. I’m re reading The Cell; I believe it’s even truly happening as we speak! Just playing... well (maybe)
In-between his books and movies I also have a lot of cookbooks I just have to read. Yet just like 70's music I can't stop watching or reading Stephen King!
Wait! I forgot about my most favorite "The Shining”!! How could I not mention that! "Here's Johnny!" "REDRUM REDRUM"! I remember when I finally could share that masterpiece with my daughter. I think she was five. (Just kidding) She was 15 I believe, but that by far is the all-time most suspenseful edge-of-your-seat scary movie. I’m reading that next I, can't believe I haven't read the book yet. Then I’ll re-watch that epic masterpiece asap!! Peace in your day and lots of imagination! Thank you for reading!!

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