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Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Recover From a Stroke in a Three Months or Less

You've all probably been wondering where Paul Dorset aka John Cox has gone off to these past few weeks. On November 24, 2013 John had a stroke while we were having a quiet conversation about our weekend as we were sitting on our couch. Having sisters who are nurses we've discussed the warning signs of strokes and heart attacks before. So I immediately knew that this was serious. If you have to have a stroke his was the perfect scenario, fire fighters and paramedics arrived literally within minutes giving him oxygen. He was taken to Skagit Medical which is very close to our house. Within 40 minutes of this event happening he was flown to Swedish Cherry Hill. I went home called his parents in England to tell them what happened. I grabbed some clothes for him, his winter coat, his cell phone and charger then headed out for my hour and a half drive on I -5. Our dear friend Steve arrived first at the hospital, then Hamish after hearing the frantic message I had left on his phone. John's stroke, I eventually found out, after coming back to the ICU for the second time is not just hemoragic, he also had some ischemic spots as well. The spots they could tell happened within two weeks which were around the time of his stroke. We have been floor hopping between the 5th and now down to the 3rd to monitor John's heart. It's truly amazing that his personality, mannerisms, sense of humor, smiles and laughter are entirely himself!!! After two weeks in the ICU I gave him a pen just to see what he could do, he scribbled and the wrote his name underlining after. He is frustrated and bored, exactly what I want. I've found a rehab place near our house for the next phase of his recovery. I told him he has books to write and readers to captivate...... I told him that this is his next book, but we will write it together. This has been a life changing experience for both of us.
I'll keep you posted on John's progress on his journey to recovery.....
Debra Cox