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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Secret In The Bottom


I was 11 when the story started. I was living at home with bothers (Ian and Andrew). I had a room on my own. The things were hidden in my cupboard.

Aunty Pat died. My cousin Tony came and stayed. He stayed in a room with me. He in a room with me because we had limited nowhere else. In my cupboard there were things that didn't belong to be.

Tony kept deep secrets (in the corner of the closet). John wasn't supposed to see them. John was a few years younger than Tony. Of course John was curious. He should never have seen the pile of magazines.

The magazines had big pictures in them. I took the magazines and cut them up. We cut them carefully (to integrity of pictures preserve). We collected a big pile. First it was me. Second it me and Steve.

I showed them to Stephen. My friend. We made a rule that we would make each sale according to size. Small pictures are 1/2 pence and large pictures are 2 1/2.

We sold them at break time in the school yard. After selling a few words got around. We had a disaster on our hands. He had a situation where we had no more stock but we had the demand.


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