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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ryzanol Gold-Burner The Rager

Ryzanol Gold-Burner The Rager

Ryzanol Gold-Burner The Rager let his wings bask in the golden sunset. The light wallowed down upon the brief crackle of mist. It was good. Ryzanol slowly took in the vista around him. It was a good vista. As the wings portrayed gentle and utter zest, Ryzanol enjoyed being the leader. It was true even though it hadn’t been this way.
The sun sank back against the mountains and during the picture of the setting sun the whole backlash of the sun was there for a minute. Soon it was gone and just the last rays clung to a mountain top. Ryzanol was asleep.
The vague snores carried across the mountains to where Ryann was sleeping. Ryann was instantly awake intently listening to their snores. She reached out to Bledri and make a shushing noise. “Quiet boy.” Ryann listened hard the way she had heard. She managed to quieten Bledri in her way too. The two just managed to lie their half-breathing bodies quietly in the gaps they had formed. They all breathed silently.

In the morning Ryann looked around and made sure that Bledri kept very close to her. She never heard the sounds Ryzanol made as he finished them. They made their way upward to them. Then just as they turned a tight corner Ryann let out a shriek. She didn’t have any warning it just stood there its large head cocked over in lazily funny way. This was Ryzanol Gold-Burner The Rager.

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