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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

YA Fantasy - Xannu : The Mayhem

Okay here's a preview from the upcoming novel. Chapter Nine...

Chapter Nine of the book. Course it's only $2.99.


“Hi there, Joe.”
Joe looked up from the street and turned around. “Hi there, Susan. What are you doing here?”
“I just wanted to see if you’d heard anything of Terry?” Susan asked, running up to Joe.
Joe shook his head. “I went round his house, but his mum didn’t have much to say. I also wrote him a letter but I didn’t get any reply yet.”
“You have his address?” Susan asked. She dug into her bag and pulled out a pen and a small writing pad. “You’ll have to give it to me.”
“You sure that’s a good idea? He’s probably still mad with you.”
“It wasn’t even my fault, Joe. You know that. It was that Steve. Did you know he even tried to kiss me?”
Joe laughed. “He did? Did you punch him too?”
Susan blushed. “I wish I had. I wasn’t thinking. I just ran away. I never want to see him again.” She opened her notebook. “But you mustn’t tell Terry. He’ll never forgive me.”
Joe dug out a small book from his bag and opened it up. “Here you go,” he said, showing Susan a page. “Terry’s address. At least it was when I got it. As long as they haven’t moved or anything.” He waited while Susan copied the address down before putting the book back in his bag. “And don’t worry, I won’t say anything to Terry. And as for Steve, he’s not even me friend any more. I heard your brother and Steve are the best of mates though. Bloody stupid if you ask me.”
“Brian and Steve? I guess I’m going to have to speak to Brian about that.”
“There’s probably not much you can do, Susan. Brian needs some kind of friend, and Steve is what is available. Sorry.”
Susan shook her head. “It’s okay, Joe. I understand. It’s just that I really miss him. We were getting so close at one point. I don’t know what happened.”
Joe continued walking down the street and away from school. “It had something to do with his trip to Cornwall, from what I can tell. He’s been different ever since then.”
“Actually, I think it was over the Christmas holidays,” Susan replied. “I tried to call him a few times and ask to see him, but he didn’t want to go out. It was really weird. I thought we were getting on so well together.” She continued walking in silence for a while.
“Well, this is where I leave you,” Joe said at last. “You live that way?”
“Yeah,” Susan replied. “I know. I just wish I understood boys better. Miss Bromine said I should just move on and let it be.”
“Miss Bromine?”
“Yeah. She’s in hospital again. I found her in her flat and called the ambulance. But she looks much worse than before. She reckons she picked up some virus or something.”
“Which hospital is she at?” Joe asked, stopping walking to listen to Susan.
“Bottleford General. In Critical Care.”
“Blimey. Sounds bad. Maybe I’ll pay her a visit.” He turned to face Susan one last time. “Gotta go. See you again. Say hi from me.”

“Sure, Joe. Bye. And thanks.” Susan waved at Joe as he turned down the road and walked away.

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