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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Spreadsheet Stuff!

1 April 2016
Date Day Facebook Utterances of an overcrowded mind Notes-1 Notes-2
1 Fri Burnt and Ochre Hit the Park News The Colours Of Sir Dan
2 Sat News - 2 April 2016 EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY
3 Sun xxxx General xxxx xxxx
4 Mon UFO Coming Round Mountains! General John V Emma
5 Tue UFO Coming Round Mountains! News
6 Wed EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY News - 2 April 2016 Burnt Leaves The Pub!
7 Thu The Left Behind Cat News Burnt Leaves The Pub!
8 Fri The Left Behind Cat Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons
10 Sun xxxx General Cartoon John
11 Mon Burnt & Ochre Naughty!! General
12 Tue Burnt & Ochre Naughty!! News
13 Wed News - 9 April 2016
14 Thu DIFFERENCES AMONG ALL THINGS The Colours Of Sir Dan Buddha - Sharing The Pictures
15 Fri X Buddha - Sharing The Pictures
16 Sat News - 16 April 2016 I’M REALLY GREAT!
17 Sun xxxx General xxxx xxxx
18 Mon xxxx General xxxx xxxx
19 Tue John V Emma Burnt Goes To Pub! NOBODY IS ALONE
20 Wed News - 16 April 2016
21 Thu I’M REALLY GREAT! John V Emma News
22 Fri Burnt Goes To Pub! X Prepare: 2 limes
23 Sat News - 23 April 2016 NOBODY IS ALONE
24 Sun xxxx General xxxx xxxx
25 Mon xxxx General xxxx xxxx
26 Tue The Colours Of Sir Dan Burnt Leaves The Pub! Doctor Who?
27 Wed NOBODY IS ALONE News - 23 April 2016 TREMENDOUS PRECISION Doctor Who?
28 Thu Buddha - Sharing The Pictures News
29 Fri X
30 Sat News - 30 April 2016 TREMENDOUS PRECISION

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