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10hr PM

The 10 Hour Project Manager
Strategies for managing successful projects

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"Clear, concise and valuable Project Management advice for the price of a beer (Two if you want the paperback)!"

It has long been a desire of mine to write a book on project management and I have spent most of the last fifteen years practicing the art worldwide. During that time many people have asked me for some written guidance but until now there just hasn’t been the right opportunity to do so. So here we have it.

I’ve tried to write something straightforward, told in the way I speak. I’m not a teacher and this isn’t a classroom book. It’s a series of guidelines told through stories and real life experiences that have been etched into my head over the years as I’ve traveled the world managing all sorts of projects, large and small.

I want to say a big thank you to all of you that have encouraged me with your kind words while working with me. I also want to thank all those that took time out in their careers many years ago to help me on the road to successful project management. Now it’s my turn to pass on the baton. I hope you each find a little something that makes the purchase of this book worth the price of a beer. Cheers!
Who is this book for? Most likely you are someone who has been managing projects for a few years, in a variety of different situations. Maybe you're a consultant that wanders from project to project, or an employee that gets passed from pillar to post depending on the hot topic of the month. Either way, you're not fresh out of school and you've seen a scary thing or two happen during project implementations. What you're really looking for are some words of wisdom, or maybe a guide you can refer to as necessary, that will enable you to manage your projects more efficiently and cut down your work weeks to something more sustainable. You would ideally like to spend some quality time somewhere outside the confines of your office. 
The objective of this book is to enable the reader to successfully manage most every project you will ever be given in less than ten hours a week. That’s only two hours a day! Okay, when you've stopped laughing read on. This is actually the premise of the book. I have managed successful projects in many companies, in many countries, in many cultures and in many situations. Nearly without fail I have only paid very close attention to the management of that project for about ten hours a week, over the majority of the project lifecycle. In some cases, it was even less! 
What will I learn from it? This book is about the meta-rules associated with running a project. It’s about the management skills that will not only help you decide what you need to pay close attention to but also what you can safely de-prioritize. This will allow you to focus on the relevant and important items in a project. Every project is a little different, but the meta-rules are the same. By the end of this book you should have all the tools necessary to be able to successfully manage most projects in only ten hours a week (during the majority of the lifecycle). Just think what you will be able to do with all that spare time. Maybe you'll even be able to start that little money-earning side project you've always intended to get underway!

  1. Concepts / A brief introduction to Project Management
  2. Who's Who? - Know the project players
  3. Risks Management - Ignore this at your own peril
  4. Chess Playing - You don't get to be the king or the queen
  5. Project Lifecycle - From dawn 'til dusk
  6. Communications & Reporting - Too little or too much?
  7. How to become an accomplished PM - Taking control of the ingredients
  8. Tips & Tricks - You have to have a tips & tricks chapter!
  9. In Conclusion
  10. Real life examples

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What people are saying about my book:

"’s the sort of short book that puts a space into perspective that should be popular. It’s the meta-skill set that typically comes with a lot of practice, and directs people towards what they should pay attention to regardless of project procedures"

"I have read your book and it has been a very enjoyable and educational experience...You have done an excellent job of capturing the essentials of running a successful project. I am so proud of you and more so for the fact that I got to work and learn from you"

"...there are too many ‘PMs’ who have grown as natural progression from development or technical role and who works hard but does not have roadmap on key items for effective management. This book provides that in a nutshell…"