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Did you ever imagine that when you were sleeping your toys came to life?

Well, what if it was bigger than that? What if some of the things you owned really did live somewhere else and were only yours for a small part of the day...

Did you ever wonder just what that world would be like?

The town of Gwillville is full of people. Well actually it's full of dummies... ventriloquist dummies! And these dummies have some stories to tell and some secrets to share...

Ventriloquist dummies have had a bad rap. But they’re not at all the scary, horrid characters that movies portray them to be. They really live in quaint little towns and have day to day adventures just like the rest of us.

Based in part on the characters of award winning master dummy-builder Ray Guyll, you get a chance to learn their secrets and follow the bumbling dummy Farnsworth as he tries to make everything right. But will he succeed? In 'Fergus Fedderfeeny’s Food Factory', the opening story from a series of Middle Grade books set in the dummy town of Gwillville, you can find out that truth for yourself.

Fergus Fedderfeeny's Food Factory - ($0.99 on Amazon)
(Gwillville Book 1)

Farnsworth is worried. He’s counted them over again and again, but bags of the Food Factory’s vegetables are definitely missing! What will his boss, the ever so exact Fergus Fedderfeeny, say when he finds out? And then there’s the matter of the new wonderful tasting pies that Farnsworth is making. Farnsworth doesn’t exactly know how the recipes got changed or if the missing vegetables played a part in it. Armed with his toolbox of hammers and staying well away from The Mangler, he’s determined to get to the bottom of it all.

But things get complicated when unknown to Farnsworth, Fergus’ evil brother, Hamish wants to get in on the action and steal the recipe for the famous pies. What ensues is a comical adventure the likes of which Farnsworth has never had before. Can he save the day and also win the love of the beautiful policewoman Daisy Driftwood? Or will time and The Mangler catch up with him and lead to his ruin?

Fergus Fedderfeeny’s Food Factory is a comical adventure story set in the dummy town of Gwillville; a small coastal harbor town with a Fire Station, a Police Station, a school, restaurants and stores. There are houses too, where the dummies live and work and carry on their ageless day to day life. Yet not everything in Gwillville is exactly as it seems. Some of the laws of nature, which as humans we take for granted, work in slightly different ways.

Gwillville is populated with colorful characters that every reader will soon take to their hearts. With the bumbling hero Farnsworth, the precise and exact Fergus Fedderfeeny, the self-professed police action hero Sergeant Romeo, and the mafia dummy mastermind Sofia, there are a wealth of citizens to get to know. And you will as you follow the crazy everyday antics in Gwillville. After all, ventriloquist dummies get to have a life too!

Jai and Jasmine's Jeopardous Journey - ($2.99 on Amazon)
(Gwillville Book 2)

Jai hates the smell of rotting vegetables. He’s been thinking about them ever since he arrived in Gwillville. He hates being boxed up too. But his cousin Jasmine doesn’t remember anything about that. She’s more concerned with meeting new friends at school. And there’s an assortment of other dummies to meet there. Lily Longfreckle is only eight years old but Chuck Handle is sixteen and has been at school for three years already. Then there’s Trevor Tightrope who’s twenty-five. It’s all very strange indeed, and oddest of all is Wonky Williams. He’s eleven and is so accident-prone that Jai and Jasmine wonder how he ever makes it through a complete day.

But despite all the new experiences that Jai and Jasmine are having, the ship that brought them both to Gwillville is weighing heavily on Jai’s mind. So no matter what, he’s determined to discover more about the elusive ‘ship that sails north.’ Maybe it’s the secret to being reborn and maybe it’s a way to find Farnsworth’s missing father. Jai finally decides it’s necessary to take a jeopardous journey of discovery.